Nancy (Thoroughbred) by Golden Lariat

Nancy (Thoroughbred) by Golden Lariat

Nancy (Thoroughbred) by Golden Lariat.

Nancy was bred to Event. She arrived as a 4 year old.

I didn’t have Nancy for long, my work with her was to focus on handling and breaking. Nancy was a very easy mare to work with. She was very smart and unphased by most things. Nancy was sensible and reliable, an all round very nice mare.

I got through the breaking process with ease and she was great through it. It was simple, she took to it fast and there was no bucking or anything bad.

However she’s a mare I didn’t click with. Sometimes a horse just doesn’t leave a lasting impression on you, and as much as I do appreciate the horse she was, we never had that special connection.


 The breaking process with horses should never be rushed.


So many people in today’s equestrian world feel that breaking should be done within 6-8 weeks. I disagree with that completely. Setting a time limit to the breaking process adds pressure to the horse. If something goes wrong during the process, people tie themselves to a timeframe and forget to actually work with the horse. Instead people focus on the fact that the last horse was at ‘x’ stage by this time and this one should be too. People forget that horses are individuals.


 If you run into a problem, you have to take a step back and assess it.


Why did it happen? Do you need to take a step back with work and revisit the last stage? Sometimes it’s not the horse being bold, sometimes it’s because we ask questions of it and it doesn’t understand.

I was aware with this with Nancy and she adapted to each stage well.

Nancy (Thoroughbred) by Golden Lariat, taught me to follow my instinct. She told me when she was ready and I had to trust my instinct to go to the next step. We may not have clicked but we worked well together nonetheless.