Kaje (Black Dahlia)

Black Dahlia

Kaje was born on May 9th, 2011. Her sire, a Friesian stallion, her dam, a racehorse deemed too slow for the track.


Broken as a 7 year old with foundations from some lunging and long reigning set in prior years, Kaje has shown great ability and desire to please under saddle.

She’s hot, sensitive and highly strung. All of these personality traits create a potentially volatile ride if treated in the wrong way. It has been a belief and my own personal agenda with Kaje to ensure that our training together is without drama. She’s a smart horse who gets bored easily. Riding her is as much about exercising her mind as it is about her body. She will ride in the arena and find Godzilla hiding in the bushes, and if you approach this dilemma with a harsh mind you’ll find that she’s not only more stubborn and insistent than you are, but also that she’s way stronger.

Kaje has taught me patience, keeping a lid on emotion and also the value of the individual horse. No two horses are the same and Kaje is more than willing to remind you of that!

Sadly Kajes’ career has been put on hold for now due to some medical issues and a personal change of premises. Watch this space for updates on Kaje and her path into a Dressage career!

Scott Barnes

Barnes Equestrian