Jessie (Irish Sports Horse)

Jessie (Irish Sports Horse) by Mr Combustable. This horse is one of my personal favourites to have ever worked with.

Potential is an often overused word. While it’s one word that I associate with this mare.


She was green and was still physically immature.


I was schooling her 3 days a week. The goal was to set the foundation from which to work from. It was asked that I focus on building from her being broken and let off the winter previous.

She is smart, sensitive and worked very well to the voice. Thankfully she had a great start with regards to that. She was green and with all horses but especially in this case, I like to work according to the training scale, particularly the first 4 elements.


Rhythm, relaxation, contact and impulsion.


Jessie is a quick learner and very willing to please and try. I took her over a small cross-pole once or twice and was absolutely in love with her jump. Although I had only jumped her over a small 30-40cm cross-pole, she had a very natural talent for jumping. She rounded and basculed over the fence in such a way that it’s rare, especially in this level of horse.

My time with Jessie come to an end however as I suggested she gets a break to grow and mature physically. This isn’t something the owner had planned for.

When you have a horse like this it’s easy to get carried away. It is all too easy to keep pushing and pushing. Especially when the horse doesn’t dispute or argue your decisions. It was best for her at that stage to go out to grass and mature and grow into herself some more.

I’m excited to see what the future offers this horse, she was really something super!