Clyde the Cob

Clyde the cob isn’t a horse I’m working with directly at the moment. Rather, he is a horse who is staying at my yard on livery.

Why am I including him on my website? Simple, I work with the owner to bring him on. Plus, how could I not? Just look at him! Okay, enough dreaming…

First of all, Clyde is owned by a passionate teenage girl. Clyde is her first horse. Despite the fact that he is young, green and a typical cob in many ways; He’s also one of the most genuine and quiet horses you’ll ever have the privilege of working with.

Although I’m not working with him directly, I am working with the owner.

His owner has aspirations and has already cited her aim to do Dressage. As a result, the journey this combination face, is to get tuition in riding ability, how to school a green horse and ultimately learning tips and methods along the way that enable Clyde to succeed in his future Dressage ventures.

Clyde the Cob conformation pic

Clyde was naturally a…plod. He is safe. Above all, he did his job. Likewise he didn’t have to do much more than that. He’s a lovely horse but he did need to find his forward gear.

I’ve been working with his owner in teaching Clyde. Rhythm, relaxation and helping to teach him balance through the use of transitions and lunge work. He is getting there. The combination are improving. This combination is a privilege to work with and I look forward to updating his profile more as he improves and comes along in his progress. Can we just go back to doting over him now? Look at his wee face! He is certainly cute, that’s for sure.

Stay tuned for more on this stunning horse.

Clyde the cob: Future dressage star!

Clyde the Cob lying down