Bud (VDL Arkansas)

Bud (VDL Arkansas)


Bud is a gelding by VDL Arkansas.

This is a horse I’ve known for the best part of 5 years now and my work with him has been sporadic. Bud isn’t a horse I’m ever required to spend too long with, but rather my job is aimed more at assisting in bringing him back to work or keeping him fit.

As Bud is a horse who will pop up every now and then, I wanted to add him to the site so that people get an idea of who he is and why my work with him is on and off. In large, I work with Bud simply to help his owner at times.

Bud is a quiet, sensible, easy to handle gelding and the sort you’d want on your yard!

Cantering Bud, working on stretching down