Bud (VDL Arkansas)

Bud (VDL Arkansas)

Bud is a gelding by VDL Arkansas.

This is a horse I’ve known 5 years. My work with him has been sporadic. I never have to spend too long with Bud, rather my job with him is assisting his owner in bringing him back to work and keeping him fit.

As a result of Bud popping up every now and then, I wanted to add him to the site so that people get an idea of who he is and why my work with him is on and off. In large, I work with Bud simply to help his owner.

 Bred to be an Eventing horse.


He is talented. However, he’s a great example of the mind not being in the game. When this horse feels too pressured, he will react negatively to the task at hand. Furthermore, he is smart. This can work for or against the rider.

The key with Bud is to mix things up. Keep things fresh. He can jump very well but too much focus on jumping sours this horse. As a result, it’s best to have a varied routine. Bud is a great example of varying your routine to find the balance between mental and physical ability. If the brain isn’t in it, the body won’t be neither.

Bud is a schoolmaster. He’s schooled well. He has experience. He truly is a been there, done that type. This is the sort of horse that you can have a lot of fun on!

Bud (VDL Arkansas) is a sensible, very easy to handle gelding and the sort you’d want on any yard. Furthermore he is great for any level of rider. This schoolmaster has much to teach anyone who is willing to learn. It’s not just riding he’d teach either, rather he will also teach you horsemanship.

Bud (VDL Arkansas) working on stretching down in canter