Barnes Equestrian Livery


At Barnes Equestrian, we offer a range of livery services designed to take the work and labour out of horse ownership and give you more quality time with your horse.

In all livery types, price includes ad-lib hay and one bag of shavings per week. Additional bags (if required) may be purchased by you or direct from the yard. There is a basic yard feed included in the cost of livery. If you require your horse to be fed special feed or supplements, that is the responsibility of the horse owner to purchase and supply such extras. All dietary requirements will be met.

Turnout is available all year round, however in winter months turnout may be limited to a minimum of 4 hours in order to preserve the land for summer growth.

What we offer:

Full Livery

Full Livery is where the day-to-day care is provided by Barnes Equestrian. This includes duties such as feeding, mucking out, turning out and bringing in, picking out feet and rug changes. Full Livery is 7 days a week. In Full Livery, Barnes Equestrian does not partake in exercising horses unless otherwise agreed and arranged. Additional services are paid for and arranged by the horse owner at their own expense unless otherwise agreed upon with Barnes Equestrian.

Schooling Livery

In Schooling Livery the day-to-day care of the horse is provided by Barnes Equestrian. This includes duties such as feeding, mucking out, turning out and bringing in, picking out feet and rug changes. As well as this, Barnes Equestrian will take on the responsibility of riding the horse 5 times a week in schooling sessions. In these sessions, problems will be worked on. General improvement of the horses ability or way of going will be the motivation to the session. This will include sessions in the arena, fields or on-road hacking.

DO visit to see your horses progress

Owners are encouraged to visit in order to see the progress of the horse and even ride the horse in order to find other problematic areas to work on. If you intend to ride, please arrange and day and time beforehand. This is to ensure that days Barnes Equestrian work with the horse don’t collide with when you want to work with the horse and to allow you to get the most of what you pay for.

Sometimes it is of benefit to the horse to get out and about. This might be to shows or schooling in other arenas and being exposed to new surroundings or atmospheres. In these events, the horse owner will be responsible for the expense of hiring the facilities and a contribution towards fuel costs. Such visits will be arranged with the owner or the owner may feel free to ask Barnes Equestrian for their thoughts.

Barnes Equestrian will always work with horses as though they are our own. Rushing horses and overexposing them to certain elements can be counterproductive. Sometimes with young horses in particular it’s important to consider the rate of progression and their physical frame. Barnes Equestrian will not rush a horse beyond its ability for financial gain and will always put the horse first.

Exercise Livery

Exercise Livery has all the benefits of Full Livery but the horse can be exercised. Sessions are around 30 minutes on the day(s) of your choice for a fee of €5 per session.

Sales Livery

Sales livery at Barnes Equestrian has all the benefits of schooling and exercise livery. This livery has a weekly livery cost at the expense of the owner followed by 10% of the sale price of the horse. The horse will be advertised by Barnes Equestrian and all stress and worry of the sale is undertaken by us. by us.

Our Facilities

Two Stable Blocks consisting of 7 stables

Barnes Equestrian Livery

Horses in the stables

Barnes Equestrian Livery

Example of bed at Barnes Equestrian

Barnes Equestrian Livery

Photo of the arena

Stable Block 1

Stable Block 2

Barnes Equestrian Livery

Horse enjoying some turnout


Quiet country roads for hacking



To find out more about what we can offer you, please contact Barnes Equestrian and find our contact details here.