Welcome to Barnes Equestrian

Welcome to Barnes Equestrian – Professional equestrian services around Mullingar, the heart of the Irish midlands. On this website you’ll find a wealth of information:

What you can expect from working with us.

Information on past and present horses.

How we work with horses.

What we stand for.

Barnes Equestrian. Scott riding Kaje.
Barnes Equestrian. Scott riding Kaje.

The equine industry is too focused on rushing horses. For the reason that there is a greater expectation to have them doing more at a younger age. Consequently, we see more issues arising.

Those issues can be avoided with time. Therefore to this I believe there is a problem in our industry. I want to work to change this. Through this belief, Barnes Equestrian was born.

 Horses aren’t just animals, they are our life.

 Welcome to the online home of Barnes Equestrian!