Never Forget Where You Come From

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Never Forget Where You Come From

Never Forget Where You Come From was written by Scott Barnes of Barnes Equestrian and published directly on This post applies old words of wisdom to the equestrian world around us.

Never forget where you come from. Those are words my grandad would say to me through the years while growing up. He said them repeatedly from as young as I can remember up until he died. Those words are ingrained into my mind today and when I think of the equestrian industry, I think they’ve never been more applicable than they are now.

Never Forget Where You Come From: Grandads Context

When my grandad said those words to me, he never meant it in a horsey sense. In fact I’m sure my grandad would be shocked to even find that I am horsey. It was never on my radar growing up and even today, my family in Scotland have never witnessed the equestrian side of me. Sure, they know of it, but they’ve never witnessed it.

I suppose being born into the Great Depression after the First World War, only to take part in World War II…it gives you a certain view on what’s important in life. “Never forget where you come from” alludes to the things in life we take for granted. The past and remembering your journey from where you started.

In other words, if you’re successful and find yourself in a position of wealth or comfort, remember the struggles you went through to get there; remember where you started and don’t turn your back on those who matter to you and who helped you achieve what you have today.

In Horsey Terms

“Never forget where you come from” is relevant to our industry. Not just in some loose fitting way, but these are words of wisdom that should be remembered from the grass roots right up to the very top.

The issue I see everywhere is that as people progress, they forget their own path and the things that once held them back. People forget that horses are bloody hard work. We all start by bouncing around in the saddle – no matter what age you are. We take falls and knocks – both physical and mental. Self belief and confidence doesn’t come easy. Each and every one of us struggle along the way. If we’re all honest, we’ve probably all had a horse at some point that was too much for us but boy did it teach us how to ride!

There’s such a culture of wanting to see people fail or even belittle them as they go about their journey into our world.

To succeed in this industry takes time and effort. It takes patience. Hard work pays off. We get absolutely nowhere without all that.

However more importantly we get absolutely nowhere without help.

In every self-made rider and ‘professional’ there’s a whole bunch of people who have helped make them who they are today. From the start to now. Coaches, instructors, demonstrations they’ve watched or attended. Books, online forums, TV shows…talking to people who share their thoughts and experiences – each and every one of us has a new twist and new way of thinking about even the most mundane of tasks. There’s so much that goes into each and every person you see around you.

The common problem is… They so easily forget it.

To Summarise

You get nowhere on your own in this industry. It’s easy to feel high and mighty when you run your own place or get compliments on how you ride; but the next time you do feel that ego come along… Cast your mind back and think about the ones who made you who you are today.

To put it simply, we wouldn’t be here without their help. Rather than putting someone down, why not help them open their eyes to a new way?

How amazing would it be to be part of someone else’s journey to the top?