The Sensitive Cob

The Sensitive Cob

Throwback to a lovely cob called Benson that I got to take for a spin once. The sensitive cob isn’t a special kind of cob, they are most cobs.

Cobs are really unfairly stereotyped. People see a big chunky cob and don’t attribute any sort of suppleness or softness. There’s no real expectation of them and when they do go well, surprise is often the reaction on people’s faces. The sensitive cob is actually misunderstood.

They’re reliable, adaptable and surprisingly impressive when you get on their side.

I’ve worked with a few cobs through the years and the one thing that I’ve always taken away is that cobs are some of the most mentally sensitive horses out there. They’re big softies! They worry and they stress. Furthermore most of all they’re misunderstood. They may not always look pretty going around but they have a lot to give – Especially if you take the time to work with them rather than make them fit the mould of every other horse. Like every horse, cobs too are individual.

The sensitive cob is smart. They feel you up there but even when they don’t know something, they’ll try to look after you.

Cobs aren’t big clunky plods. They don’t need to be whipped or spurred to move. They don’t always need muscle and strength, it’s quite the opposite. They’re not the old banger from the scrap yard of the equestrian world. Cobs are the Volkswagen Golf. Hence theyre reliable, adaptable and surprisingly impressive when you get on their side.

Never underestimate a cob…Even if they don’t sound “just like a Golf.”

 The Sensitive Cob was written by Scott Barnes

 Barnes Equestrian

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